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Job description

Hivos is an international NGO with its Global Office in The Hague (the Netherlands). Hivos is looking for a Global Head of HR to lead HR worldwide, take HR to the next level and align HR with the organization's new strategy.

Innovate: As an organization Hivos is too large to cut corners on HR, but also too small for heavy policies and complex systems. Your role is to set the HR agenda and priorities with the global HR team. You and your team align HR with the organization's new Strategic Compass, and provide clarity about how you plan to do this. You innovate in important areas such as a safe workplace and people management, performance management, compensation & benefits and training & personal development. You and your team set the standards for HR policies so they can be easily adopted by Hivos' regional hubs and effectively translated to local customs and legislation. You ensure that transparency and clarity characterize all reporting lines, places in the organization, job titles, job descriptions, career chances and general expectations. You and your team will rely on HR Analytics by taking advantage of IT solutions with a single system and a unified way of working.

Demystify HR: By making it less complex, you show the value of HR. Dare to get rid of structures from the past that are not practical for the people who have to work within them. Help take the load off your colleagues who are mainly focused on making the world a better place and not on structures and procedures. Make HR sound, but also practical, feasible and not too fancy. Performance management for instance, should be simple and transparent for everyone; not a complex ten page procedure that is difficult to carry out.

Attract & retain: As Hivos is a non-profit, project-driven international organization, attracting and retaining people in times of change and Covid-19 is challenging. You want to keep talent in house, and at the same time keep the workforce flexible. Recruitment, employer branding, onboarding, vitality and staff involvement are essential. In a complex international setting with a diversity of cultures, nationalities and languages, this makes for a daunting task. You ensure Hivos is a great place to work, no matter where someone is and what their position is. Proper health and safety measures, following our safeguarding policies, and preserving equality is of utmost importance throughout Hivos and its partner organizations.

Support & defend: You are a sparring partner for Hivos' Executive Board, line managers and other Hivos colleagues. You facilitate management in their role as integral manager, and in that way support a shift of power. You advise personnel worldwide on all international HR topics in cooperation with your HR colleagues. You manage a staff of three professionals at the Global Office in the Netherlands, and you have a functional line to the four or five HR professionals in the Hivos' regional offices worldwide. You are a member of the Management Team and report directly to the Executive Director. You make sure HR gets the resources and support it needs without letting politics get in your way. You walk a fine line between connecting and supporting on the one hand, and having a professional discussion without compromising the relationship.

The recruitment process is led by external partner ISA GROUP through Recruitment & Sourcing Advice. ISA and Hivos insist on direct application through the website of ISA GROUP only. No recruiters, please.

Job requirements

Hivos offers an exciting but challenging opportunity. To succeed, you need critical thinking skills and an academic thinking level combined with ample experience as a mid-career manager with sound HR experience. Experience in an international project driven organization, preferably a NGO, is a must. You have an eye for diversity, multi-cultural settings and inclusiveness. Openness and trust must be your standard.

As a HR professional you look at the big picture, without ignoring the practical problems in front of you. You take a helicopter view to translate organization-wide problems into practical solutions for the regions. You are innovative and have the determination to break through ineffective patterns. You bring clarity and practical realism to everything you do.

You are a hands-on leader and can firmly stand your ground. You know when to be decisive and daring to claim your stake or more accommodating depending on the subject and situation. Your aims are ambitious, but tempered with the realism of what is feasible, knowing that you can never please everyone at the same time. You know how to find the balance between pushing your agenda, being subtle and letting go. You want to have influence and impact, but not at the expense of making enemies.

You are naturally a quick learner and can think on your feet. You are self-confident, but you don't need recognition or prestige. You are energetic, driven, open minded and passionate. You are a good communicator: clear but tactful. People find you approachable. They trust you and rely on your confidentiality and integrity. You are also sensitive to organizational politics and networks. Things may be said in the heat of the moment that you don't like, but you won't let this faze you. You are empathetic and open to the input of others. You are also able to understand things that are implied or left unsaid. You know how to get people to work with you, without getting bogged down in different opinions or retreating to an island.

Most of all, you are a valued colleague and an effective sounding board, willing to roll up your sleeves and someone whom others find a pleasure to work with.

Organization profile

Hivos is an international organization that promotes social justice and aims for impact in thee areas: civic rights, gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and climate justice. We do this by amplifying and connecting voices that call for just, inclusive and life-sustaining societies. Our belief is that every person has a right to live in freedom and dignity, enjoy equal opportunities and freely influence decisions about their lives and the communities the live in.

More about Hivos at:

Worldwide, Hivos employs approximately 370 people of all nationalities and backgrounds, around 80 of whom work at Hivos' Global Office in The Hague (the Netherlands).

Working conditions

Hivos offers a stimulating work environment in an international organization with very dedicated staff. Global Head of HR is a fulltime position. Your work location could be The Hague or one of the regional hubs. Occasionally working from home is possible.

Hivos is looking for a suitable candidate whose personal values align with our own (see this link). Salary is not your driver. You want to contribute to a better world and you support the people who are working in the frontlines to do so. And you are interested in joining an organization that works at high tempo on complex issues that affect people in many different countries.

Your salary is based on Hivos scale 13 and, depending on your experience, can amount to between € 4.478,92 and € 5.833,44 gross per calendar month, based on a 36 hour workweek. Furthermore travel costs are compensated in accordance with Hivos' regulations, and you are offered participation in the pension fund.

Hivos is looking for a candidate who can start immediately and is willing to make a long-term commitment. We will start with a one-year contract that will be extended if we are both satisfied with our cooperation and results.

Contact details

Are you up for the challenge and do you think you are the right person for the job? Then please apply!

Send us your resume and motivation letter (in English) through the website of ISA GROUP and we will respond as soon as possible. Please apply by April 5 at the latest.

If you have questions, you may contact Bart Diepenbroek (Managing Consultant / Partner of ISA GROUP) at +31 65 520 1321.

Bart Diepenbroek
Global Head of HR (operations, strategy & development)

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Global Head of HR (operations, strategy & development)

Hivos is an international NGO with its Global Office in The Hague (the Netherlands). Hivos is looking for a Global Head of HR to lead HR worldwide, take HR to the next level and align HR with...
worldwide / The Hague

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